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The ongoing rise in greenhouse gas emissions may trigger a rapid, irreversible collapse in an Antarctic ice sheet the size of Mexico, with potentially catastrophic consequences, a study published last week in the journal Nature found.
Extreme temperatures linked to climate change can be expected to cause a significant increase in the number of premature deaths, according to a report released Monday by the Obama administration.
A new report nearly doubles previous predictions for sea level rise if global emissions continue unabated, portending a doomsday scenario for many of the world’s coastal cities.


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Sea-level Rise event report

Category: Sea-level Rise
Observation: 15.05.2013
Continent: Pacific ocean - west
Country: Fiji
State: Province of Ra
Area: Ra-wide
Severity: Hight
Event details
The rise in sea level caused by climate change is set to affect about 20 villages in the Ra province. Roko tui Ra Sakiusa Karavaki said villagers had been warned against building their homes near the shoreline. "The issue of rising sea level was raised by villagers living near the coast on many occasions as they are concerned about their safety and investment," said Mr Karavaki. "In some of the villages, sea level has eaten away some of the dry land. This has also prompted the construction of sea wall and planting of mangroves." Navolau villager Sireli Naivava had told an earlier district council meeting that the rise in sea level had damaged the village sea wall and there was fear that homes would suffer the same fate soon. "We have nowhere else to move as we are surrounded by mountains and sea on all sides of the village. The old sea wall in the village is broken and we are really concerned about our safety." Mr Karavaki said villagers had been educated on resilience and evacuation steps should a disaster strike.
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