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The ongoing rise in greenhouse gas emissions may trigger a rapid, irreversible collapse in an Antarctic ice sheet the size of Mexico, with potentially catastrophic consequences, a study published last week in the journal Nature found.
Extreme temperatures linked to climate change can be expected to cause a significant increase in the number of premature deaths, according to a report released Monday by the Obama administration.
A new report nearly doubles previous predictions for sea level rise if global emissions continue unabated, portending a doomsday scenario for many of the world’s coastal cities.


News of Climate Change

19.11.2015 08:18:00 |
Nearly 8000 homes, dozens of businesses and 145 kilometres of roads in Napier are on land that may be affected by rising seas, according to a major report tabled in Parliament on Thursday.

15.11.2015 12:36:00 | The Cape Cod Times
If climate change were a killer asteroid hurtling toward Earth, scientists, politicians and people of the world would be united in finding a way to prevent impending doom.

11.11.2015 12:58:00 | WTNH Connecticut News
Two new reports are giving some insight into the effects of global warming. And as you can imagine the news is not good. The growing threat could cause sea levels to rise, flooding major cities across the globe. News 8 wanted to look a little deeper to see what this would mean for us here in Connecticut.

04.11.2015 14:02:00 | Tech Times
Researchers believe coastal glaciers in West Antarctica may have reached a tipping point of "unstoppable" retreat as warming ocean waters melt them from below, threatening possible devastating sea level rises.

28.10.2015 12:09:00 | Daily Times
Oceans around the world are jam-packed with life. However, the continuous increase in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions could be the reason for the downfall of the subtle marine food chain. This according to a new report published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) conducted by marine ecologists from the University of Adelaide in Australia.

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